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What happens at my first session?

During your first session we will begin with a full client consultation. You will be asked to complete a client record form which will provide me with further information on your medical history, your lifestyle and reason for visit. We can then have a further discussion around your presenting problem and proceed to a full postural and injury assessment including any clinical tests that may be needed to pinpoint the underlying issue. An initial treatment will then be given dependant upon the findings from the initial assessment.

What should I wear to my first session?

It is advisable to wear lose fitting clothing during sessions and something comfortable. This will allow me to be able to treat you as easily as possible without causing any further discomfort. T-shirt and lose fitting shorts are advisable.

Can treatments hurt?

Soft Tissue Techniques including sports massage are more invasive than a normal massage and do involve applying deeper pressure into the tissues in order to treat them. This may sometimes be uncomfortable, and I will work with the client to ensure that the pressure is acceptable for them constantly seeking feedback. I will explain what I am doing and why to give the client a full understanding of the treatment. It is often normal to feel a little sore or tender for the 24-48 hours after treatment.

What is your policy for cancellation?

Please ensure that as much notice as possible is given in the event you need to cancel. Late cancellations often mean that your slot cannot be backfilled. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged. This will also apply to missed or forgotten appointments.

Injury Assessment

Clinical tests are used to assess both joints and muscles which help identify issues such as tight muscles, weakened muscles or damaged soft tissue or joint structures. The outcome of the assessment can help structure a treatment plan specific to the clients needs. Sometimes this may mean referral to another healthcare practitioner for further examination depending on the condition.

How frequently will I need a session?

It is advisable to have regular treatment. 4-6 weeks is normally suggested to gain maximum benefit and for regular maintenance. This time frame purely depends on your level of activity and how your body feels.